Electric pergola or fixed Pergola?

You are probably asking yourself what is more worth while and what is more lucrative.

Types of aluminum pergolas vary between models and have the electric and permanent.
In this article you can understand what the difference is between each model. For anyone who wants to build a pergola and is wondering what to close an aluminum tram or a permanent pergola with a perforator?

Permanent pergola: A fixed aluminum pergola for closing balconies, businesses, and private homes. Aluminum is a material that is resistant to weather damage with the change between hot and cold and summer and winter. Aluminum does not require maintenance with a super quality look.

Electric pergola made of aluminum: The pergola is made of aluminum as in a fixed pergola with pillars or hanging. The roof of the pergola is made of flasks and stages of aluminum that open and close up to 180 degrees like a shutter.


Advantages and disadvantages between an electric pergola and a permanent pergola:

Fixed aluminum pergola:

Pros: Fixed aluminum pergola, stable, does not need maintenance, modern that fits the house and gives an atmosphere of fun. You can also close electric shutters, screen curtains or glass curtains on the sides.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage is that the permanent pergola is not watertight from above but is forced to be sealed above (sanitary waterproof plastic material) so that the pergola will be waterproof. It also leads to more problems that the branch over time becomes yellow and regal, noisy in the rain, and does not protect against strong sun.
The second disadvantage is that the price is expensive, it is known that aluminum is an expensive material despite all its advantages.
Need a building permit if you want to close on the sides and it costs time and money.

Electric pergola:

Advantages: An electric pergola has many advantages, let’s start with the fact that it is 100% waterproof.
Does not need a building permit under the Pergolas Act 2014 even with closure all around.
Energy efficient of the house because the pergola protects the house from unnecessary sunlight in summer and opens in winter to sunlight into the house when there is sun and it helps to heat and cool the house.
Samsung’s LED system which gives a modern elegant look.
A system of gutters inside the columns, another very important point in the matter of the water is a concealed gutter in each column.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage is the cost, the price of an electric aluminum pergola is more expensive than a permanent pergola.
Another disadvantage is that you can not do it yourself because it is a bit complicated in terms of assembly and slope.
Need a little bit of maintenance.

Price for a permanent aluminum pergola:

The cost of a permanent aluminum pergola is not cheap relative to the small benefits it gives. The price of a permanent pergola ranges from 650 – 1000 NIS per square meter

Cost for an electric pergola

The cost of an electric pergola of aluminum flaps is ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 per square meter, when several factors need to be considered such as the size of the pergola, the design of the pergola, whether it is ready or there are deviations.

Cheap electric pergola:
A cheap electric pergola can be purchased from Smart Pergola.

The pergola is made of aluminum and its cover is three layers of PVC-coated fabric sheets, strong weather-resistant clay, a pergola is assembled at the push of a button, with lighting and a gutter system.

Cheap electric pergola cost:

The cost varies depending on the size, the design price is ranging from 850 – 1400 per square meter.

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