The Pergolas Law 2020 What is allowed and what is forbidden To get an exemption from a building permit for a pergola should go according to the planning director The new reform gives relief to unnecessary bureaucratic moves. In this article I have prepared for you everything you need to know about exemption from building pergola permit should be: A structure made of lightweight materials, without walls whose ceiling is partially built and forms a shading surface. The spaces between the opaque parts of the ceiling shall be evenly distributed and shall constitute at least 40% of the ceiling of the shade (I.e. no more than 60% opaque parts of the sky).

The Pergolas Law 2020 What is allowed and what is forbidden will be given under the following conditions:

  • The area of the shade will not be more than 50 square meters or up to 1/4 (the largest of them) of the ground / roof surface on which it is built.
  •  The shade will be erected only on the ground or on the roof of the building (i.e. not on balconies in buildings) unless otherwise provided in the permit, spatial guidelines or outline plan (this can be checked during public reception hours at the local planning and building committee).
  •  The pergola does not have to be attached to the building but must be within the permitted building lines (which can be obtained at the local committee).
  •  If you want to go beyond the building lines – you can exceed 40% of it (ie if the building line is 5 m from the plot boundary at the front, you can exceed and approach up to 3.0 m from the plot boundary) – but then a permit is needed and there is no exemption.
  •  The Licensing Authority must be notified of the erection of the shade within 45 days from the date of the work.
  •  A certificate of construction engineer must be attached to the notice regarding the anchorage of the shade and its stability.

Application form for exemption from building permit

Report on the performance of work exempt from the permit