Arm awnings

Our arm awnings stand out as a classic and stunning model, boasting a beautiful aesthetic and design, coupled with a range of colors and acrylic fabrics. Made of high-quality aluminum injection materials, our arm awnings are electrostatically painted to provide a sleek and durable finish.

What are the characteristics of the awnings?

  • Warranty: two years.
  • Control: Electric remote control, manual.
  • Installation: Installation for wall, ceiling.
  • Fast acrylic fabric coated with Teflon 0.3 kg / m2.
  • Optional: Wind sensor Solar sensor, Custom tuning option.
  • A quality awning made in Europe, and everything from the direct supply to the factory.
  • Personalized design: Free choice: custom width and length, 120 textile patterns.
  • Aluminum arms from super quality anti-corrosion profiles with corrugated stainless steel screws for installation.

The fabric of arm awnings:

Our acrylic fabrics undergo a special treatment of Teflon shield or Scotchgard, making them stain-resistant and 100% waterproof. This protective layer ensures that no stains will penetrate the fabric. The arm awning can be conveniently folded either manually or through an electric motor. The electric motor is the most popular choice among customers and is also available in the improved model of the arm mask – the manual or electric caste awning.