Curtain for the balcony

Curtain for the balcony:

A curtain for a balcony or a zip can screen the screens to a large area or part, a minimum width is 1 meter and a maximum width is 6 meters. Also in height. The screens fall gently from above via the push of a button on the remote or on the app, with the sophisticated Mano Sompi in advanced technology that connects to a smart home.

Electric screens for the pergola:

Aluminum frame around the awning match the color of the pergola, height as needed you can continue to the floor, Or stop until the crater. When the curtains are closed and the pergola is collected you feel like you are in a room between walls because of the quality of the awning to maintain the privacy and opening of the pergola roof to breathe air from outside.

Advantages of closing a balcony in a curtain for a balcony:

  • 24 months warranty.
  • Zip made of acrylic fabric.
  • A vertical partition is a sense of privacy.
  • Super clean in the eye of a modern look.
  • Can be ordered in all colors.
  • Transparent or darker partition it you choose.
  • Electric control The Sompi motor remote connects to a smart home.
  • Super strong against winds up to 120 km / h.