Glass curtains

Guillotine automatic glass curtain system is one of the most innovative automatic windows systems. The system is powered by an electric motor. It is made of 10 mm or 19 mm tempered glass. The tempered glass moves up and down in triangular side channels. The pulley and motor provide up and down movement. Glass achieves proportional mobility through this improved movement system. In fact, the most important key component in this system is the permanent glass. Which is at the bottom of the window two other layers move above this permanent glass. Therefore, when the system is in the open position, the parts of the glass become like a railing.


Folding glass curtain system

The folding sliding glass curtain system is made of tempered glass with a thickness of 10 mm, the locking shafts and the carrying parts are made of high-quality aluminum material. All parts of the system are designed with an innovative technique to provide easy and practical service if necessary. We use extruded aluminum frames of type T5 6063 in the structure. Sliding glass system, mechanical assembly with a two-year warranty. This system is also resistant to severe weather conditions, strong winds up to 100 km / h.

Assembling the curtains:

All glass curtains sit on a rail or on the side from above or a rail in the floor The rail is made of aluminum and so are the frames of the curtains.

Glass sliding doors

Sliding doors made of glass and high-quality aluminum frame can be controlled by the thickness of the glass layer or two layers of all doors with a two-year warranty. Can be ordered in colors The door sits on a rail that gives it an opening and easy closing. Suitable for offices and private homes, assembly is performed by our professionals


Closing a balcony with glass curtains – closing an aquarium

If you are looking for how to close the balcony nicely and at the same time you can use it all year round and not just in summer, So you must try the folding panoramic glass curtains, And so you will gain a milky winter closure to enjoy the terrace at the same time also not losing the view. The sight of the rain from the inside when the house is warm is a very warm thing in a romantic and relaxing heart. In terms of cleanliness there is nothing to worry about because they are very easy to clean. Folding glass aquarium closure A special solution suitable for winter closure, garden apartments, and restaurant entrances. The thickness of the curtains can be ordered according to personal choice, If it is one layer equate to two or add a layer of 4 mm glue + a layer of reinforcing material + 4 mm in the middle to give strength. Each reinforcement or addition to this plus payment depends on what you choose.

Closing with glass curtains for the pergola

Do you have an aluminum or wooden pergola? Fixed or electric? The material does not matter you can assemble the glass curtains in a very delicate way that will fit the pergola you have at the entrance of the house, In the yard or on the balcony while maintaining 100% waterproofness. The price is per square meter. All glass curtains come in high quality according to the Israeli standard. Test before mounting on high floors, wind pressure, personal engineer for everything related to tests and approvals.